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Belt and Pulley Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’re going to go over how to create this pulley system in SolidWorks. We’ll start by using the belt/chain assembly feature to link all our pully’s together, so they rotate in unison, like a gear mate. Then we’ll create our physical belt part using the path sketch created by our Belt chain feature and a simple sweep. This will be a great tutorial for anyone planning on taking the Certified SolidWorks Expert Exam, as Belts and Chains is one of the possible topics, they’ll ask you about in the exam.

Mold Tools

In this video, we go through all of the basic steps to create a Core/Cavity Mold in SolidWorks. We'll cover Draft, Draft Analysis, Scale, Parting Lines, Shut off Surfaces, Parting Surfaces, Tooling Splits and Core's as we create a mold for a simple plastic injection molded garbage can.

Variable Pitch Spring

In this SolidWorks Tutorial, we go through how to create a variable pitch spring with closed ends using the helix feature.

Rod End Bearing

In this tutorial you will learn how to model a Spherical Rod End Bearing in SolidWorks

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